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Hi guys... This is my blog and below is a picture of me sitting down to have a conversation with you my digital audience:) I hope you find these posts helpful or at least thought provoking. I'm simply sharing things I've learned, problems I'm working through and lessons from other leaders.

“If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.” 

― Sylvia Plath

Do you have specific expectations of your team when leading worship each Sunday?

If you do, do they know what those expectations are?

Many times we have expectations in our head but never consistently communicate what those expectations are. Our band members are left then to guess what they are expected to do. Clear expectations consistently communicated can help people know their role and to excel within in.

If you don't have specific expectations of your team, take 10-20 minutes this week and try to write down what each team members ideal role should be. You'll be surprised how clarifying this can be for yourself and your team.


Want to Build Your Team?

I love to work with worship teams regardless of size or skill level. Workshops are simple ways to build up your team with minimal time commitment. Message me HERE to start a conversation.

Legend Studios is a production and recording studio I run in Avon, CT. My passion is helping artists make music that inspires.

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